Vincenzo di Giamberardino

CEO & Founder

Unique Studio was founded in 2010 by Vincenzo di Giamberardino to create an agency specializing in the field of Digital Marketing.

Over the years, the many experiences and continuous research have led the firm to expand by welcoming new employees and to enter into numerous partnerships with a wide network of professionals who have embraced our founding principles.

Growing Up with Millennials

To achieve the best goals, the agency builds and consolidates a team of millennials able to create a dynamic environment full of ideas.

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Mattia Andreoli

Web Designer e Web Developer
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Mario Savini

Web Designer e Web Developer

Maurilio Carinci

Graphic Designer, Video Maker

Alona Dorosh

Influencer Web Portal Manager

Luciano Ficarelli

Chief Financial Officer

Luciano Ficarelli is the founding partner of Professionisti Integrati, a company that wanted to unite the best professionals, similar in commitment, availability and ability, with the sole aim of offering customers a service of excellence. The skills of each professional are completely different from each other, but they integrate and complement each other in perfect harmony with the change taking place, with the new way of doing business and to prepare for the future without uncertainties.


The opportunity to get to know each other

The opportunity to meet us will be a stimulating challenge for us that will introduce us to the vision of your business.01

Carry out in-depth research

Successful communication is always based on a coherent strategy. Research means defining the situation of your business and planning the steps to achieve the objectives.02

The choice of design

Starting from the analysis of your online business, we can study your personalized web marketing strategy, paying particular attention to the choice of design.


The ability to analyze

Once the design of your product has been defined, specific reviews will be carried out to reach the best solution.05

The product launch

The aspects of your work that you wish to highlight are chosen and we will help you to present your materials in a clear, attractive and web-compatible way.04


We guarantee that the product is optimized for search engines and work with you to make the most of social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.06

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