Our research and development department aims to develop innovative technologies.


Virtual reality represents actual reality. The advancement of information technology allows you to navigate in real time, interacting with objects.

Through the use of these new devices, new opportunities can be created not only in the field of entertainment, but also in terms of productivity, creativity and business.


Augmented reality is the representation of an altered reality in which artificial and virtual information are superimposed on the normal reality perceived by our senses.

Professionals and operators in the business sector will benefit from it.


The use of voice assistance will allow you to purchase e-commerce services and content.

The goal, which we have through the use of voice assistance, is to find information, launch applications and connect you with various web services.


Unique Studio offers professional photo and video shooting with the help of a high-definition drones and specific software, the goal is that of continuous research and experimentation in the field of innovation in the field of photography.
The professional drones for shooting in flight, ensure maximum performance in film quality shooting, by means of image stability and reliability. They are also equipped with long-range video transmission systems, even in 4K quality, for live live transmission.