Unique Studio offers professional photo and video shooting with the help of a high-definition drones and specific software, the goal is that of continuous research and experimentation in the field of innovation in the field of photography.


The professional drones for shooting in flight, ensure maximum performance in film quality shooting, by means of image stability and reliability. They are also equipped with long-range video transmission systems, even in 4K quality, for live live transmission. Thanks to the GPS guidance systems, the drones can then follow preset trajectories such as rotations, ascents or descents. Some drones have very effective and advanced auto-pilot functions, to mention the one that allows you to select a subject or a vehicle then giving way to the drone to follow him independently.





Assieme al cliente verrà studiato il territorio ideale per le riprese, ponendo attenzione alle condizioni meteo al fine di garantire le migliori riprese. Una parte fondamentale è quella di analisi delle regole di volo della zona in cui si svolgeranno le operazioni, la distanza dai vicini aeroporti e la valutazione dello scenario operativo.


Once the planning has been completed, it is necessary to verify that it can be carried out in compliance with the rules and the safety of the vehicles, operators and the surrounding environment.


The video operator will maneuver the independent camera, adjusting the maneuvers in order to obtain high quality images from the drone.


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