Alexa – voice commands

Unique Studio provides its employees with a voice assistant, ideal for improving workflow, productivity and overall organization.

Thanks to Alexa, you don’t need to use remote controls to view information or manually initiate calls, you just need a voice interface, through which you are asked for the command to be executed, so as to speed up the time.

In addition, we have created Skills, in order to facilitate and improve the use of the intelligent assistant. The Skills are nothing more than new commands that allow you to perform new actions in our studio, such as “update the lists of activities” or much more.

Our Research and Development department is constantly updated on the functionality of voice control by creating Skills customized for our customers.

Technical assistance

Unique Studio has a team of IT technicians who will be at your disposal to install, configure and optimize your technological infrastructure.

The main advantages we offer are: advanced security systems, disaster recovery interventions, maximum customization of interventions, optimization of performance and speed of change of components in case of damage or failure.

The technical support service includes a series of preventive activities to ensure your peace of mind regarding the new privacy regulations (GDPR).

We check-ups and inspections at your office for the configuration and installation of the infrastructure, and for us it is essential to take care of the after-sales services.




Unique Technology IT support services are suitable for multiple types of corporate technology structures.

Drone Service

Unique Studio offers professional photo and video shooting with the help of a high-definition drones and specific software, the goal is that of continuous research and experimentation in the field of innovation in the field of photography.


The professional drones for shooting in flight, ensure maximum performance in film quality shooting, by means of image stability and reliability. They are also equipped with long-range video transmission systems, even in 4K quality, for live live transmission. Thanks to the GPS guidance systems, the drones can then follow preset trajectories such as rotations, ascents or descents. Some drones have very effective and advanced auto-pilot functions, to mention the one that allows you to select a subject or a vehicle then giving way to the drone to follow him independently.





Assieme al cliente verrà studiato il territorio ideale per le riprese, ponendo attenzione alle condizioni meteo al fine di garantire le migliori riprese. Una parte fondamentale è quella di analisi delle regole di volo della zona in cui si svolgeranno le operazioni, la distanza dai vicini aeroporti e la valutazione dello scenario operativo.


Once the planning has been completed, it is necessary to verify that it can be carried out in compliance with the rules and the safety of the vehicles, operators and the surrounding environment.


The video operator will maneuver the independent camera, adjusting the maneuvers in order to obtain high quality images from the drone.


Whi pay attention to the Leaders of the next generation

Millennial power

Millenials are the new power in today’s society, just think of the transformation of Blockbuster / Netflix, Taxi / Uber and Hotels / Airbnb. Thanks to them we can change the way we manage our activities and sell our products and services.

Managers and young employees have very different values and expectations, but they are necessary to share new projects in today’s world of work. Therefore, successful organizations offer a corporate culture and career opportunities that align with the values of their workforce, leading to new creativity, innovation and unprecedented profits.

The goal continues to be productivity and skill, completing a task or activity, but the format, modalities, tools, leadership in the company and organizational models change.

In addition, young workers believe that companies should be concerned about having a positive impact on the world, be more ethical and innovative. The Millennials are beginning to take up high-level positions, where they can bring their own culture, their own way of thinking, to face the challenges of society.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in offices


Artificial intelligence is like the ability of a technological system to solve problems or perform tasks and activities typical of the human mind and ability.

Looking at the IT sector, we could identify AI – Artificial Intelligence – as the discipline that deals with making machines (hardware and software) able to “act” autonomously (solve problems, perform actions, etc..).

The first real project of Artificial Intelligence dates back to 1943 when the two researchers Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitt proposed to the scientific world the first artificial neuron, followed in 1949 by the book of Donald Olding Hebb, Canadian psychologist, thanks to which the links between artificial neurons and the complex models of the human brain were analyzed in detail.

Artificial Intelligence, moreover, has long been on AgID’s working tables and is one of the topics widely debated and studied in the context of the Agenda Digitale Italiana to understand how the spread of new AI tools and technologies can affect the construction of a new relationship between State and citizens and analyze the consequent social implications related to the creation of further possibilities for simplification, information and interaction.



Virtual Reality

Virtual reality in everyone’s home.

The advantages of Virtual Reality for architects are exponential compared to those attributable to the entry into the scene of computers and design software, just a few decades ago. To be completely correct, photo-realistic 3D rendering technology has not yet reached its full potential, which is already obsolete when compared to the capabilities of virtual reality (VR)..

After 121 years of looking through a window, it’s time to go through it.

The window to which Mark Papermaster refers is that of cinema, of moving images, of reality lived through an intermediary person and of projections on two-dimensional surfaces.

In order to achieve full presence, viewers need 64 times higher resolution images than today’s Full HD standard; generating them requires petaflop computing power, rather than the teraflops on which today’s virtual reality is based.


  •  Validate projects and identify problems before construction starts and it’s too late.
  •  Choices become easier when imagination leaves room for reality and things are more evident and easier to understand.
  • • Understanding space

Source: Widesrl website

Augmented Reality for Advertising

Augmented Reality for Advertising


Nowadays there is augmented reality, which allows you to try products from home before buying them.

This function, for example, uses the nature of messaging to help people get valuable feedback on purchases, customizations and more, without ever having to step foot in a store.

Social networks have launched the function for advertisers to be able to take advantage of it in the ads of the News Feed. Facebook, in fact, announced that it was working with companies to make them use augmented reality on Messenger, as a function capable of making users try new products.

These ads would appear in a classic way, with the addition of the “Tap to try it” button, which would open the augmented reality function.

Facebook also announced support for message translation. Buyers and sellers in the Marketplace will be able to communicate in several languages thanks to this translation system. So, when people connected through the Marketplace receive a message in a language other than their default language in Messenger, assistant M will ask them if they want to translate the message.

These new features should allow you to promote trade between buyers and sellers of different nationalities.


Source: wired




Instagram is working on a new app dedicated to shopping. The app, which could be called IG Shopping, will allow users to browse the collections of the following accounts and purchase products directly within the app.

Four out of five Instagram subscribers follow at least one company. Creating an app would allow you to place an increasingly popular activity on Instagram in a specific app. The aim of course is to increase revenue opportunities at the same time.


Most online businesses already need an Instagram account and some already sell tools to Instagram advertisers.

Four Sixty, for example, offers companies assistance in creating photo galleries, content moderation, scheduling and other services. Shopify’s app store contains dozens of plug-ins related to the promotion and management of Instagram-based activities.


Instagram started testing a shopping feature in November 2016 and released it more widely in March of last year. Companies can tag posts with individual products, allowing users to shop directly from photos. The company is now testing a feature that allows users to buy directly from stories published by users.


Source: Widesrl website


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Facebook publishes a report on the government requests it has received


Facebook has released the second semi-annual report on the transparency of the activities that the company carries out in collaboration with governments, which involve the use of user data and decisions relating to content management.

These half-yearly reports, according to Facebook, are useful both to communicate to users the actions taken by the social, and to ensure that governments and Facebook are more responsible for their actions.

In this report Facebook shows information about government requests for user data received from Menlo Park, reports where access to Facebook products and services has been interrupted, and also the number of content restrictions based on local laws and reports of counterfeiting, copyright and trademark infringement.

An important finding in the report is that it refers to the increase in government requests for access to some users’ account data. They have increased worldwide by about 26% compared to the second half of 2017.

Facebook publishes 13 U.S. government letters from the FBI, concerning national security, where you can read requests for access to profiles of some users. The publication of these letters has been allowed by the U.S. government, which has lifted the ban on publication and authorized the management of the social to publish them.

Source: Wired website


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The LinkedIn strategy was developed before the entry into force of the Gdpr.

Objective: to increase the membership base.

The Irish Data Protection Commission (Dpc) has produced a report which shows that LinkedIn, before the entry into force of the Gdpr in Europe, has used the data of 18 million users in an opaque way.

The Dpc in the report stated that:

The complaint was finally settled amicably with LinkedIn, which implemented a series of immediate actions to stop processing user data for the purposes that gave rise to the complaint.

But the Irish Commission did not want to stop at this resolution. After further investigation, he discovered that LinkedIn was using its algorithms to create professional networks to suggest to future users. The aim was to help users overcome the obstacle of creating these networks from scratch.

Source: Wired website

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