Facebook publishes a report on the government requests it has received


Facebook has released the second semi-annual report on the transparency of the activities that the company carries out in collaboration with governments, which involve the use of user data and decisions relating to content management.

These half-yearly reports, according to Facebook, are useful both to communicate to users the actions taken by the social, and to ensure that governments and Facebook are more responsible for their actions.

In this report Facebook shows information about government requests for user data received from Menlo Park, reports where access to Facebook products and services has been interrupted, and also the number of content restrictions based on local laws and reports of counterfeiting, copyright and trademark infringement.

An important finding in the report is that it refers to the increase in government requests for access to some users’ account data. They have increased worldwide by about 26% compared to the second half of 2017.

Facebook publishes 13 U.S. government letters from the FBI, concerning national security, where you can read requests for access to profiles of some users. The publication of these letters has been allowed by the U.S. government, which has lifted the ban on publication and authorized the management of the social to publish them.

Source: Wired website


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