Millennial power

Millenials are the new power in today’s society, just think of the transformation of Blockbuster / Netflix, Taxi / Uber and Hotels / Airbnb. Thanks to them we can change the way we manage our activities and sell our products and services.

Managers and young employees have very different values and expectations, but they are necessary to share new projects in today’s world of work. Therefore, successful organizations offer a corporate culture and career opportunities that align with the values of their workforce, leading to new creativity, innovation and unprecedented profits.

The goal continues to be productivity and skill, completing a task or activity, but the format, modalities, tools, leadership in the company and organizational models change.

In addition, young workers believe that companies should be concerned about having a positive impact on the world, be more ethical and innovative. The Millennials are beginning to take up high-level positions, where they can bring their own culture, their own way of thinking, to face the challenges of society.


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