Virtual reality in everyone’s home.

The advantages of Virtual Reality for architects are exponential compared to those attributable to the entry into the scene of computers and design software, just a few decades ago. To be completely correct, photo-realistic 3D rendering technology has not yet reached its full potential, which is already obsolete when compared to the capabilities of virtual reality (VR)..

After 121 years of looking through a window, it’s time to go through it.

The window to which Mark Papermaster refers is that of cinema, of moving images, of reality lived through an intermediary person and of projections on two-dimensional surfaces.

In order to achieve full presence, viewers need 64 times higher resolution images than today’s Full HD standard; generating them requires petaflop computing power, rather than the teraflops on which today’s virtual reality is based.


  •  Validate projects and identify problems before construction starts and it’s too late.
  •  Choices become easier when imagination leaves room for reality and things are more evident and easier to understand.
  • • Understanding space

Source: Widesrl website

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